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Retro Fashion Exaggerated Brown Felt Black Lace Female Bracelet With Ring One Chain

Include: Bracelet

Retro Exaggerated Female Bracelet With Ring One Chain

The width of the brown felt is about 5.2cm, and the height is about 8cm.

The front decorative part of the normal size is about 13cm long, and the back is the button and adjusting chain.

Tight can be adjusted to 15CM, loose can be adjusted to 22CM.

Hand-made, there is an error within 2CM.

The decorative part of the ring is about 2.5CM long and 1.8CM wide.

The inner diameter of the ring is 1.7CM, and the length of a ring is 6CM.

There will be errors in manual measurement. Generally, the length of a finger circle can be adjusted and can be worn between 5CM and 6CM.

If it is less than 5CM, it is recommended to buy back, adjust the ring and wrap the cotton thread, so that it will be smaller and more comfortable.

The brown felt on the picture is darker, and the real thing is lighter.

Product Code: MW4880

Color: Black

Gender: Female

Materials: Lace,Bronze Accessories,Artificial Pearls,Resin Diamonds,Felt

Notice: Other Accessories Are Not Included

Length: 13cm

Trend: Fashion

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