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Shipping & Handling

Processing Time

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The actual delivery time also depends on the time spent on custom clearance, based on our statistics 90% of the orders will arrive in 10 working days(not including processing time). Expedited shipping option is also available, it normally takes 3-5 working days.

Custom Made Products

For custom made clothing, the processing time very much depends on the complexity of the dress as well as our workload. The processing time ranges from 10-20 days. Shipping time is the same as non-custom made products.

Shipping Time
Shipping Methods Cost Shipping Time
Standard Shipping On Orders Over $119.00 (Package Weight < 1.5kg) $9.90 5-12 Business Days
Standard Shipping (Calc By Weight) $18.50 - $68.50 5-12 Business Days
Expedited Shipping (Calc By Weight) $28.50 - $98.50 3-5 Business Days

Please use the chart below to help gauge how long it will take to receive your order.

Special Notes:

For certain products, e.g, custom made item or products produced on demand, the processing date will vary. The delivery time also will according to your country.

Notes of taxes:

We are not in control of any country-specific tariffs and duties imposed on your order by your respective government. Taxes and duties will likely be charged on the items you order. If taxes and duties are placed on your package by officials, the fees will be your responsibility. If you used a coupon on your order, you will be charged taxes and duties based on the original price. We are legally obligated by Border Agencies to show the original price of any of the item(s).