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Victorian Gothic style

Victorian gothic style, also known as neo-Victorian style, is a modernistic fashion movement. Unlike other fashion trends, the Victorian gothic style reinterprets several fashion facets and aspects of the Victorian culture - it twists the old style. The style revives old fashions in a new way, something that has made it a good choice for historians.

While many people associate Victorian gothic styles with Halloween and funerals, some use the costumes to connect with the community and express themselves. The style involves more than just wearing rocking piercings and all-black clothing.


Origin of Victorian Gothic Style

Victorian gothic style is a subgenre of the Gothic or Goth style. Unlike other gothic styles, it flirts with the darkest side of life. The style is more focused on human mind mysteries, tragic romance, and the fantasies of the nightmares world. Tales of Edgar Allen Poe offer great examples. Other examples are in everything that Tim Burton made and Emily Dickinson's poetry.

Everything may look grey, black, or red in movies but the Victorian gothic style embraces the beauty of the unhappy. It derives its inspiration from the Victorian era but it does not adhere to the era strictly. For that reason, some of the gothic clothes UK pieces are not dark. They may be soft blue, pink, or even white to display an innocent or ghostly soul. They allow you to display your romantic and wicked side.


Gothic Victorian Style in Films and TV Shows

The modern Victorian gothic artists have adapted traditional horror images. So, they mostly depict black eyeliners, black-dyed hair, antique-style black clothes, and black painted nails. Most Goths also have piercings and silver jewelry.

Film and TV show makers base the looks on the medieval period, the Victorian and Elizabeth period. They mostly express occult images, pagan images, and other religious imagery.

In most films and TV shows, you will mostly see a combination of lace, black velvet, mesh stockings, heels, gloves, and jewelry that symbolize occult and religious themes. However, during the Victorian era, Goth meant enjoying some form of aesthetic. During the era, people expanded to new lands, started traveling, and adopted a new way of life. The upper class embraced romanticism and mysticism until WWI.

Fashion changed massively during the era due to fashion magazines, the invention of synthetic dyes, and the mass production of fashion items. Clothe cuttings were streamlined and mass-produced lace and lush fabrics offered ornate decoration. Furthermore, women started layering skirts over many petticoats to make their movements easier. They also wore necklines because of corsets loosening their shoulder pads. Small bucket bags, lace parasols, and ornate hats also became popular.

Some of the Victorian Pieces to Try

Everyone has his/her style, which defines her personality. Further, any Victorian clothing you choose to wear will affect every part of your career. Gothic clothing UK pieces are elegant and extravagant. They include lace garments, corsets, and graceful hairstyles. Here are some of the items you would want to try.


Lace Blouses

A lace blouse is designed to help you stand out. Victorian Goths know that lace blouses stand for status and power, which is what you might be aiming for. The lace blouse will help you achieve the dark appearance of wealthy Victorian elites without breaking the bank.


The corset is possibly the most iconic and fashionable item from the 19th century you can add to your wardrobe. Victorian era upper-class women mostly sported tightly fit, long flowing skirts and gothic corsets. They used corsets to pinch their waist and make a beautiful hourglass figure, regardless of their size and shape. So, you can buy this Victorian clothing UK piece to achieve the same appearance.


Dark Flowing Dresses

Queen Victoria would cast black color on her nation. Goth dresses UK were powerfully sad and people would flaunt them. They feature high neck collars and long sleeves. For that reason, Victorian Goth fashion is centered on the collars. Lace black dresses have many layers and fabrics that give them a unique shape.


Arm-Length Gloves

When someone mentions long gloves, the first thing that is likely to hit your mind is the price. While these gloves can be expensive, they are sexy and they will catch everyone's attention. Women wore them to attract men.

Gothic Ballgowns

The market offers a wide range of Gothic ballgowns from the Victorian era. However, they all come in pure black color. They also boast many other features from the era such as dramatic edges and skull prints. You can buy one to achieve a sad beautiful look when going to the next event.

Black Mid-Length Skirts

A black mid-length skirt is another important fashion piece you should add to your gothic clothes UK collection. The skirts are designed to help you achieve a soft romantic edge and to go with any outfit. You can pair them with bulky wedged boots and a tight-fitted corset to tie your look together. The skirt will leave you with an overpowering gothic look.


The purpose of a cloak is to complete your Victorian Gothic look. Cloaks were common among wealthy women. They would wear them over their shoulders to shelter their upper body parts from cold. Further, the women preferred fancy patterns. Today, the Victorian clothing UK market provides high-necked lacy clocks so that gothics can achieve their dreams.

Long Black Coats

Long layered coats, whether made of cotton, silk, or velvet, are important for every Victorian Gothic. The coats are mainly black and long-sleeved. They are designed to make you feel like a vampire queen due to their beautiful fur collars. Most gothics choose them when traveling.

Beaded Chokers

Gothics uses sultry and striking chokers to replicate the Victorian elites. The chokers are black and beaded. That alone helps the wearers to focus attention on their necks.

Dark Stockings

Sexy dark stockings can add a sexy twist to your outfit. They match perfectly with short medium-length skirts. Unlike many other items from the Victorian era, dark stockings keep in line with Victorian values.


Darkness can be fashionable. Now that you More about the Victorian Goth world, it is time to get creative and improve your look. While going Goth looks intimidating, it is fun. As a Victorian Goth, you will need most of the items we have listed above to achieve the best look.