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Gothic Wedding

The clothing styles within the Gothic movement capture influences from other movements such as punk, androgynous, deathrock, and even the Renaissance or Victorian era. However, the Gothic has its aesthetics, which focuses on the color black, black suits, and black and white makeup to highlight the face's pallor.

The new Gothic wedding spirit flies around the color black, a trend that relies on lace's romanticism, the power and hardness of leather, and velvet's softness. For many modern brides wearing a gothic wedding dress is like a dream come true.

A Scene of Bloodshed and Terror

Originating in Europe, Gothic weddings received influences from the beauty of the Victorian-style representative of medieval times. They are dominated by a lugubrious air of occultism that only true Gothic hearts can understand because Gothic people are generally very romantic at heart. They possess a certain romanticism that they demonstrate uniquely and unusually.

In Gothic weddings, black is the protagonist. This color brings the air of terror and decadence to the scene and, combined with the blood's red, creates the perfect atmosphere of terror.

Victorian Gothic Decor

One of the most sought-after styles is the Victorian Gothic, where flowers and roses abound in intense colors like red that seek to give a darker appearance to the environment. Decorate with candles, dark-colored fabrics, antique furniture, gold and silver cutlery, and crystal glasses. The scene transforms into one charged with seriousness and decadence, but at the same time, it inspires elegance and ostentation.


Black Lace Stereoscopic Flowers Gorgeous Gothic Veil

The brides are the central axis of a wedding. They frame the leading figure of the wedding, and their attire must capture the gothic essence. Nothing is more appropriate to add gloom to the trousseau than a dark black veil to add that look of mysticism and darkness. This beautiful black veil is made of 100% polyester. It is a soft and delicate veil with a lovely and exceptionally long drop. It has nice black lace trimming on the edges embellished with gorgeous black flowers. Wedding veils are the perfect complement to any Gothic wedding dress.


Gothic Black and Champagne Color Tulle and Lace Wedding Dress

A Gothic wedding dress must attract all the guests' attention, as this beautiful black and champagne dress will surely do. This beautiful gothic halter style dress is made of tulle, lace, and satin. This fabulous model shapes the body up to the waist from where it opens a wide skirt that stands out for the contrast of its colors and its long and beautiful fall. The back area is exposed and has a beautiful neckline that gives a lovely touch of sensuality. You can complete the look with any of the beautiful headdresses and veils available at Magic Wardrobes.


Gothic Trending Setters

Gothic weddings are booming. Over time, Gothic weddings have become more frequent. Beyond being part of that urban cult's lifestyle, this type of ceremony where the dark style predominates has become an innovative kind of fashion.

In Gothic ceremonies, languor, sobriety, sadness, pallor, and darkness predominate, but at the same time, they are full of sophistication and elegance.

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

More and more celebrities are inclined to unite their lives on the fringes of this new trend. Such is the case of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, who celebrated a dream wedding at the Château de la Napoule in the city of Mandelieu, France.

Avril wore a beautiful black designer Gothic wedding dress and a beautiful and sophisticated bouquet of black roses. The style of her dress was very flouncy, and she wore a stunning lace in the back. The hair was left loose with a delicate crown of flowers. Chad dressed in a casual and elegant style, with black pants, a black shirt, and black-tie.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

When talking about Gothic couples, we cannot leave out Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who delighted us and transported us to a dark, vampiric, and romantic world through their saga. Once again, the color black predominates in their costumes in contrast to the pallor of their faces.

This scene's aesthetics, also called a vamp, have been installed in the catwalks, houses, photography, and many fashion houses' windows.It is precisely in this aesthetic that the new designs and collections of Magic Wardrobe are inspired. Without losing sight of the celebrities who have quickly joined this new movement.


An Expression of Cultural Acceptance

Gothic style weddings are the trend of the moment. These weddings emulate Victorian era weddings and are very different from a traditional wedding. Those familiar with the Goth subculture understand that certain negative stereotypes are the substance of a myth and that the Goth community unites like any other social circle by common interests and a specific artistic sensibility in music, literature, and fashion. Gothic wedding vows are a Gothic couple's way of adding value to their love in a way that has some meaning for them.

Dark and Dramatic Gothic Wedding Dress

Both the bride and groom try to be dark and dramatic in their outfits, and, apart from black, they can go deeper into colors such as red, charcoal gray, dark purple, and combinations with white. Fabrics for wedding dresses would be rich in texture and heavy, like velvet or satin. These wedding dresses make great combinations with beautiful lace, appliqués, majestic wedding veils, and headpieces. All these characteristics, colors, and textures can be seen in the diversity of models of Gothic wedding dresses available at Magic Wardrobes.

Black Gothic Slim Tassel Hooded Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress

In this model, we can find all the characteristics of the gothic style. This impressive dress is made of cotton and spandex. It is an off-shoulder dress that fits the body with a straight cut that extends to the ankle area. It is covered with delicate lace fabric and highlights a hood adorned with tassels and lace that looks scarier. Its sleeves are long and broad at the ends and equally covered with lace.